Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not Dead.

Well, I'm not dead yet. That's good news.
This is a small part of a large project I am working on. It's pretty fun but also very challenging. Throughout this project I have discovered that I am terrible at designing interesting clothing. I will have to add that to my long list of things to get awesome at. Until then I shall dress everyone in vests and things of that nature.


Laura Krushak-Green said...

So the one with the darker brown hair... kind of looks like brother geddes to me!

Emily Davis said...

very nice, Hannah! the one thing I see is that the interior lines in the dark hair are really dark - they look black?
Otherwise, perfect. I really love your color sense and texture suggestion. Great work!

Hannah said...

Yeah that's true, the lines are black. I should probably choose a light brown instead or something like that. Thanks for the comment!

xXStormCroweXx said...

very amazing work

I always love ur art

- Justin