Monday, October 15, 2012

Heads Will Roll

This is for an upcoming story on called Heads Will Roll, written by Lish McBride. It is about an awesome young lady and her equally awesome unicorn companion. I had so much fun painting this and it was wonderful to work with AD Irene Gallo!
You can see this at's facebook here.

Sketches here:


Juliana Cuervo [Julieta] said...

This is amazing!!! beautiful colors and the composition is stunnig! congratulations for such a beautiful work!

Kimberly Joyce said...

This is a gorgeous piece!! i really love the color scheme, the details and the story telling. amazing job

Kristen Ciccarelli said...

I love your art SOOOOO much.

Katy said...

I love your drawings! Ah-mazing!!

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