Thursday, February 23, 2012


Here is a guy with wings, his name is Roland! It was a fun project to work on.


Cassie said...

I saw your process on Tumblr for this piece. It was interesting to see how much you move things around! I usually have a test out all my compositions before I get to the fun painting bit, but your process gives you the freedom to fix/change things as you go. I think I may have to give that a go. Your work is always reminding/pushing me to keep reaching to be better. thanks!

Spencer said...

Hannah, I'm totally enthralled by your work's style. A lot of it has both the loose energy of sketchwork, and the clarity of a more careful approach. And I love your use of color.

Question about your technique: Do you do anything special with your contours? Particularly when it comes to the hair, mist, clothes, and other swirling forms. Do you define them with the lasso tool or paths? Or is it simply very careful brushwork?

And are there any resources you can recommend when it comes to color? From a few other posts it seems like you've studied it extensively in school, and there's no substitute for a good education, but... If you can suggest a good source (book, site, tutorial?) for a better understanding of color, it would be greatly appreciated.

If it's not obvious, I'm trying to beef up my own technique. :)

Hannah said...

Thanks for the comment, Spencer!
I don't use the lasso tool or paths. It's just quick, careful brush strokes.
What I usually do to study color is find an artist who I love and study how they use color. To do that, I usually take the colors they used and apply it to a color doodle or sketch of my own so I can learn how those colors work together. I don't know of any tutorials or books, but I suggest doing color sketches in digital or watercolor every day! It's really helped me, but I could use some more work too. :)

sbo said...

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Spencer said...

Thanks for the reply, Hannah!

It's pretty impressive that you do all that clean, sharp detail - and I'm thinking here of stuff like the little swirls of hair and notched feathers - with brushstrokes. That's probably just a sign of impatience on my part. I'm always in a hurry, and was hoping for a shortcut ;).

What I really keep hoping for is a tool like I had in the first art program I used, a paint program called Deluxe Paint (a long, long time ago). It had a lasso tool that would fill in the lasso as soon as you were done drawing it, and erase in a similar fashion with the right mouse button. A quick and enjoyable way to mass in those kinds of shapes.

Great suggestion for the color; I learn so much drawing from other people's work. And the way other people use color is always surprising. It's especially impressive when someone puts together colors that might seem muted in relative isolation, but which become luminous when put together. I see a lot of that in your work.