Sunday, November 13, 2011

The cure for art block?

With words

Without words

I really don't have much to say about this. It's something that I've been working on a minuet or two here, an hour there, over the span of at least two weeks, maybe more. It's kind of my cure for art block. Whenever I have art block I like to spend a couple minuets on something that doesn't have a deadline (or in this case, something that doesn't make sense). Just long enough to snap me out of it and get me out of a rut.

And also, the words are a little random, they just seemed to be what fit there.


Margaret Hardy said...

This is sad and gorgeous! I love the skin color and gradations. Your work is awesome ^^

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful hannah!
When my husband was in middle school he wrote a song that went something like "dead bird, dead bird why are you dead bird? what have I done to make a dead bird in the road"

Roland said...

Good job. Lots of good qualities in this piece.