Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Color Comps!

A couple color comps of a couple.


Lokine said...

Ah! *o* I hope you'll put the acrylic version of your illustration here, too.
Good luck with it anyways >u<
(I mostly say this because paint doesn't like me the way I like it. I'm pretty sure you'll do it without too much troubles. And won't end up with paint angrily splattered all other your wall, unlike me TvT')
I like the red-ish one the most, by the way. èué Since it's warmer and all...
Are you going to make the four versions, or was it just in order to pick up what you prefer amongst those?
What's your favorite? O_O

Hannah said...

I like the red one also! I will make all four of them with paint, but I discovered just recently that paint hates me! I tried to do the blue one but it was terrible!! I have got to practice.

Cassie said...

Is this a monochromatic assignment? If not, I think a little contrasting color would really finish it off. Your values are working amazing, so a little subdued yellow or orange in your blue piece could really make it sing. I like your story and composition. Those light shapes in the background (snow/fog) really lead my eye to the couple. If you did the secondary color, I recommend putting it in the background really subdued and it would make the couple pop! Any way. Your stuff is looking freaking amazing! I can't wait to come see your BFA show!