Monday, January 17, 2011

Monochromatic Winter

Here is a school painting, the assignment was monochromatic, and we had to choose a word to Illustrate, I chose Winter.


Stephen Sitton said...

I think the snowchick lady person needs to be have a little more contrast. Right now she's kinda hard to make out. I don't know if you want her to be like a 2nd/3rd read. But I would bump her up a smidge. Good stuff!

Wayne said...

Your work is looking real good, Hannah. You are so skilled in many ways.

maahu said...

Nice one, i prefer to come on your blog to comment, provided it's much more personnal. X) If you must know i'm maahu, sorry for not having come by for ages !
I think i'll stalk your blog from now on♥

Also, i love this monochromatic painting, good job on it !
I'm working on my blog's banner, i want it in flat colors, i didn't touch my wacom since ... well i can't remember, and i'm feeling all shitty and i come to wonder how you do. xD I try to analyze your beautiful paintings, though i can't really picture how you do. If you had, by chance, any tips... could you give me some?

Have a nice day♪