Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hellboy and The Lung.

This is Hellboy.


Cassie said...

sooooo I waited a day or two to let other people post their comments, so I wouldn't seem like such a blog stocker. Oh well.... I've decided to accept it.

Anyway. It like your take on the classic character. As always I love the background and mistyness. So cool. Great color mood. I like the character design of Hellboy. I wish his cigar was a bit fatter, or an interesting shape. Great work!!

Stephen Sitton said...

So I feel like you comment on my blog alot and I never return the favor. So, I decided to make more of an effort!

I agree with Cassie. This is a really fun take on Hellboy. I also agree that the cigar should be fatter/bigger. I really like the mood of this piece. I like the narrative of it but I wish that the narrative were pushed more. Like I am getting that this lung thingy is sneaking up on him. But I think his expression could be pushed some. Right now he just seems to have a "determined to remain tough" type of look. But, I wonder if his expression could add more to the story. Like perhaps he heard something and his eyebrows were confused.. or something.

I think anatomically his pectorals are bothering me. I don't know if it's the fact that they are separated or the fact that they are not symmetrical. I don't know if you intended one to be bigger since his arm is bigger on one side? I would just fix that are up a little.

A couple more things. You have the terrain stepping back into the distance in different levels. I love the look of it and how it creates atmospheric perspective and such. But, the levels are all the same width/height. And, aside from the fact that they curve slightly they are mostly the same. I think you should have fun indicating more of a roughness to them (not necessarily in texture but in shape).

Sooo, you have some awesome background and medium ground elements. But I almost wish there were an immediate foreground element between us and hellboy. Maybe like another tree in the immediate foreground, or a rock or something. I think it would help frame in the picture some.

Also, I wish that somehow you could see the other arm of "the lung" dude. You could add more into the narrative as well if the other arm were interacting with Hellboy somehow. Maybe it's reaching out to grab his cigar? Because lung people like cigars right? Haha. I just think that he should have another arm and it should be doing something fun.

This last comment is more on the nit picky side. But, you have little slots indicated on his coat where a tie would go around his waist. But there's no tie. It's not a big deal but I think you could have some fun shapes with the ties on his coat moving with the mist/wind etc. Just a thought...

So, I don't know if that was too negative of feedback. I feel like you more than deserve a good critique. Because your stuff is fabulous. I don't get on and say it enough, but just between you and me, I look at your blog at least 2-3 times a week. Just to check on what your working on. I will make an effort to get on more and comment. Scouts honor!

I love your stuff! Alot.

See ya!

Hannah said...

Dude, Stephen, I love your comments! I think that you are right on with every one of those suggestions, and you brought to light some things that I didn't even think of! I think after I'm done making those changes it will look a lot better!

Hol said...

Great work!