Monday, October 18, 2010

Birds Page.

Soooo.. keep in mind that there will be a large block of text where you see that hole in the painting. I cant decide if I should put some type of foliage there or SOMETHING. I don't know.

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Cassie said...

Amazing shapes! Love that the birds are interacting and have personalities. As for the blank spot. I think its fine whether you fill it with text or not, because it give the eye a place to rest from all the awesomeness! Is the red parrot and yellow parrot the focal point? Because they are really popping due to the saturation! If so. Good JOb!

Quick side note. It seems like the yellow parrot is giggling because he just peed in the water and the flamingo is about to drink it and is wondering why the parrots are sniggering. At least that is what I imagine is going on. Those parrots seem like such pranksters!