Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just thinking.

So, I was thinking about throwing together a website. This would be the front page? Sure. What do you guys think? I found this awesome artist with a simple website that I want mine to look like.... -ish. This is her:


T.Brown said...

I really like the colors! The bird either needs to be smaller or bigger, the size it is now kind matches the other shapes you have going. I would make it a little bigger and break into some of the negative space you have above the clouds. Looks good, I like nice and clean.

Anonymous said...

yes, please. do a simple website. people get so caught up in the decorative but your work should be the most interesting thing on the page, unless you want to be a web designer!

the value of the clouds are really close to the white bg but that might just be my computer. other than that i like it.

are you putting the website together or is someone helping?

Hannah said...

I'm putting it together myself, but I have no IDEA what I'm doing!! I'm just figuring it out along the way, i wish i had help though, but it's ok, cause I haven't got a host yet, so, yeah, I have lots of time.

adam taylor said...

I like it! Very Hannah!