Monday, June 28, 2010

Assignment: Sad



Emily Davis said...

Beautiful work, hannah! I think the hand on her head would be a little better at conveying what you want if it was on her shoulder... does that make sense? The hand on her head seems more playful and of it was on her shoulder it would convey more of a comforting or "holding on to each other" sort of message.
Also - I think the texture of the rain got a little heavy- perhaps try taking it off the woman in the background's umbrella or toning it down a little.
You are an inspiration, Hannah!

Hannah said...

I already tried having his hand on her shoulder, but it looked so awkward and tense, having it on her head felt more like a father-daughter relationship and it looked better to me. You're right about the rain texture, it's EVERYWHERE and its a bit overwhelming in some places.